Have you ever wanted to add a buzz blade to a frog, swimbait, soft plastic or some other lure? Well has what you’re looking for! This lure company has developed just that with the Buzz Kill’r quick clip buzz blade. The quick clip is positioned at the rear of the blade for quick and easy lure attachment. Only your imagination limits the possibilities of lures that can be used.

I have found when using soft plastics rigged weedless and I can retrieve it thru weeds, light moss and the nastiest wood cover without it hanging up or the blade fowling. I think of it as a buzzbait in “4-wheel drive”! Talk about getting some vicious strikes! With this being an in-line blade setup it can be reeled very slowly or very fast when the fish are in an aggressive mood.

This company also carries spinnerbaits and buzzrbaits that use quick-clip blade attachments. No longer are you limited to the blades that are already attached to a conventional spinnerbait. With their system, the blades can be changed in a matter of seconds to match current water and weather conditions.

Look for Secret Weapon spinnerbaits at Tackle Warehouse.

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